Friday, April 19, 2013

Mixed Media Madness

Hey guys, firstly I want to say thank you to all the wonderful ladies that left me a congratulations comments for my new DT. You guys make me feel so wonderful - you need to know that.

Ok, down to business. Some shares for this week .....

This layout was created for the Prima Blog for our Multi Media Week.  I have used the Hello Pastel range and the gorgeous Blue Fern Chipboard Clock.  

I have used Golden's Light Molding Paste (which I ADORE) with a Donna Downey 12x12 Stencil.  You can see the results in the close up, and I just love the extra raised texture and what it does for your design.  The mix of watercolors are from a watercolor pack down at my local $2 shop.  Awesome ha ??  I love the way the colors run into each other without contaminating the solid block of color.  Yum.

The next share was my take on Prima's monthly "Pinspin" OTP project.

So I saw this little gem, made from a cake tin.  I mean how fantastic is this idea.  My jaw dropped.  Anyhow since I saw this picture i have created three of these.  So here is my verision for Prima.

Using Jodie Lee's Divine Range.

My last share is a layout I created for CHA, which seems like an eternity ago.  Again I have chosen to use the Divine Range from Prima.  Just can't seem to get enough of it.

Short and sweet post.  Thanks so much for dropping by again.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Never say Never Again ....

It seems like a long time.  Actually it is.  I started designing Scrapbook Pages about 6 months after Emma was born in 2003.  I needed something creative to fill the void left by not dancing.  At that time For Keeps Magazine was the premier mag in Australia and they held annual competitions for scrapbookers nation wide.  It was suggested I send an entry in.  I mean what did I have to loose?  Well I receive the Award for Design and Composition, and since then, the last 9 years have been spent creating and working for various manufacturers and scrapbooking publications.  There hasn't been a time I could remember where I didn't have a due date looming or something to create. 

My term with Prima Marketing comes to an end in June ( I can't even imagine my life not designing for Prima), and I promised myself to have time off and start experimenting creating stuff I want to do.  No Design Teams.  None.  So when I was approached by Ingvild, I had such a mixed reaction to her offer. I have always respected and adored her work (I mean who doesn't), and my immediate gut reaction was to jump at this chance.  Then I remembered my promise to myself.  No DT's.  Creating for myself.  Total autonomy.   

But then I spent a week thinking about it.  And thinking about it.  Pretty much everything I do has Ingvild's resins or Shabby Chic Treasures on it anyhow.  They are products I adore, and so very very me.   And then there was the thought of her future releases.  Sigh.  It just had to be a "Yes" didn't it !!  So here I am announcing that I am thrilled to be on the Ingvild Bolme DT for 2013.  And I cant wait to start designing.

So here is the team.  They are truly amazing.  Go over and have a look at their art.  Beautiful.

Evgenia Petzer:

Stephanie Schütze:

Florence Teixeira:

Gerry van Gent:

Olga Heldwein:

Victoria Klabukova: