Friday, May 3, 2013

Welcome to National Scrapbook Day

Happy National Scrapbook Day Ladies and Gents ..... and welcome to Prima's International 

I just want to share with you today, a project that was up on the Prima Marketing Design Team Blog last week, and a project that is SO easy to create.   All you need is a beautiful Prima vine, Ingvild Bolme's gorgeous Shabby Chic Resins and Junkyard Findings, some Prima Flowers.  You can custom color it according to your studio or home decor and it makes a gorgeous present for Mother's Day.

So here is the finished dome...... the dome actually is a cupcake dome which I bought at a 
South Australian cheap shop for A$5 !!

Here is what it looks like inside.  The window has a transparency behind it to allow for some extra detail and layering, and the window is just adhered to the base with a hot glue gun.

I especially loved fiddiling with the top of the dome, this vine is simply wrapped around the knob and secured with a little hot glue.  The pink rose and birdy are adhered lastly.  They just add that little touch of whimsy to the project.

Down the bottom I have added a Ingvild Bolme clock and hands and some more beautiful Prima Flowers.  

I really hope you loved this project as much as I loved creating it.

I seem to be on a dome oddessy at the moment, and I have this project coming up in full detail on my blog soon.

Please, Please go and visit Stephanie Miller & Solange Marques -  being on the bottom of the list we often miss out on traffic, and I'm sure she has created something absolutely gorgeous for you to look at.  Here is the list again, just in case you have missed out any of the designers and their amazing works.

Lastly but by no means least, don't forget ......

Classes start at 9 am ET and run all day long! Most of them are held at the Prima office (excepting Cari and Sharon) and all will have a live chat moderated by Prima starlets.

Thanks so much for taking the time to come and visit .....