Thursday, October 11, 2012

Empty Nest

It's been one of those weeks, where you just take a moment to accept that things change.  My littlest girl Madi had her first day at school, and all of a sudden I found myself sitting in the middle of a lonely, empty nest.  Honestly, this day just crept on me, as moving to the Adelaide Hills  next year we thought it would be advantageous to keep Madison at kindy for the remainder of 2012, and start school fresh next year.  Just before the last school holidays I was chatting to Madi's teacher at kindy and she was sharing how she thought academically Madison would be better off getting that extra term of school in. I was really taken back, because I had told myself my reasoning for delaying school was an emotional one, mainly her getting settled in to a new school and making new friends and then having to pull her away from all that.  I didn't even give the academic side of it a thought.  I just kinda used this as an excuse to have one last term with her before we were separated by schooling.  So after much conversation, and me accepting the fact that she really is bored at home, I gave in and enrolled her at Primary School.

The funny thing was one the day I was fine.  It was the day before that was the killer.  We usually go out to brekfast together on Tuesdays, and as we made our way over to our cafe the future reality hit me like a tonne of bricks.  So did the overwhelming sadness.  And the tears.  Poor little thing had no idea what was going on.  Anyhow .... mummy composed herself and we had a gorgeous day together before her big day the following Wednesday.

So how was the actual drop off ... you ask ?? I pulled up outside the school, and before I knew it, she blurted out "seeya Mum have a nice day".  What the ??  You can't be serious.   "If you think I'm not coming in on your first day of school - your dreaming" I muttered through gritted teeth, to which she so graciously replied that that would be "fine".  Unbelievable.  Little Miss Madi Maintenance.  So independant now.  How they change.

Anyhow the above photo is Madison on her first day.  She is so beautiful.  Beautiful in grace, in beauty and in joy.  I love her so much.  I have just had this layout go up on the Pink Paislee Blog, and I used this photo of us taken a couple of months back by Mark.  Ho. Hum.  Life goes on.  I will miss her though.

5 years ago, I used to use sequins like you would never see them again, and recently I have reignited  an old love for their simple, but effective use on layouts.  I think they look gorgeous sewn through on a layout and a fantastic cost effective way to add some glamour to any project.

That chipboard butterfly is **New** from Imaginarium Designs .... along with some gorgeous stuff that will be released in the near future.

Over at Prima we had a Firefly Feature where this layout was shown.  I can't say it's my favourite layout I have every done (every scrapbooker knows that feeling), but I do love the colors and the new Donna Downey flowers that have just been released.  Such vibrant colors.

OK off to scrap some Prima projects which are due this weekend.  Why is it as scrappers we always procrastinate and leave things to the last moment ??  Good grief.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Awww,look at that sweet Madi! Your layouts are always so beautiful! My son is now 22, but I remember missing him when he would leave for school even though he was a teenager! On, and I need tell you something. I recently picked up a copy of Scrapbook Creations (Australian) in a bookstore. The issue is several months old but I guess it just made its way here. Anyway, I had to buy it when I saw you had such a big feature in it--Time for Tea. I love ooohing and ahhhhing over your gorgeous projects in it!