Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome !!

Hey guys, welcome to my new blog !!!!!  After many years with Typepad I decided that it was time to move on and enter the land of blogger.  My old blog looked so tired, and it desperately needed a new look and different energy, so i spent a couple of weeks developing this one, which i really love, the header designed by itkupilli !!!  It still needs a bit more tweaking and more information added to the sidebar .... but we are 90% there and ready to roll..... !!

So - news ......  after 9 years of published works in various publications I was thrilled to be asked to submit a Prima Layout for the Fall Edition of Somerset Memories.  Somerset has always been an aspiration of mine, but I have always felt that my work was never "arty" enough to be considered, so I never bothered applying.  So ..... Yipeeeeeeee !!!  Happy Mail..... Doing the happy dance here !!!!!  Thanks Somerset ..... I was so thrilled x

Another project i have been working on is a monthly class I teach at Seriously Scrapbooking called "Make Pretty Stuff".  The class is basically just an excuse for me to sit down and have me scrap time, to  create with whatever products I want to and just have fun.  This is a little Marie Antionette booklet I made for the girls using some gorgeous downloads from Etsy and lots of pink !!!

This is a pretty pastel tag envelope, using the beautiful Melissa Frances 5th Avenue Collection.

And another little spool, this one with sweet little velvet flowers, hat pin and tag.

A couple of class layouts from last month .... 
my Boys to Men class .....

and my White with One class for September.  The color we choose was a soft and subtle moss green mixed with a little teal.  I added my signature layered clusters, I so love creating these.

If you have followed me over here .... thankyou !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please feel free to leave any positive or constructive feedback about my new blog, i would love to hear what you think.

Unfortunately my Google follow button has reset, all 400 readers, so if you were a reader please add yourself again to receive notification of new posts !!!

Thanks so much guys, have a great week, and I will post soon ...


  1. I saw that layout in SM - CONGRATS! It looks great! Love your other projects too, especially the booklet! It is gorgeous!

  2. Congrats on the new blog Steph! It is gorgeous & girly & everything we have come to expect from u LOL! Congrats on the pub. That page is beautiful. The little book is TDF & I am drooling over ur WW1 page. XX

  3. Congratulations! This is great news!
    Lovely work!
    I like your new blog a lot, just would be perfect not to have prove I`m not a robot every time:), would you concider turning it off?

    1. Yes, I was half half on this feature..... ok .... i don't usually get much spam so I will give it a test run without it.... so glad you love my blog, alot of love went into it xo

  4. These creations are amazing.. so pretty... and I have added your new blog to my reader!

  5. Hi Steph. Love the 'new look' and each one of your projects :)

  6. Hello Steph.. love your new blogspot .. your work as always is just so so gorgeous .. love the little booklet !!! :)

  7. HISteph! I've been following your blog and your artwork for so many months, since I began scrap...that was in 2010! Because of lack of time, both in scrap and in "blog comment", I have never written any comment since today... So I take the creation of your new blog to let you know how much I LOVE everyhing you do, and I must say that each creation is a kind of work of art! So, just know that, even if I don't write very often, you have a big fan behind the scene! It's easier for me to be a follower of your blog via bloglovin', cause I don't have any account on Facebook or Pinterest or even a blog (no time...), so I am not on your follower list, but I am here everyday waiting in a new project! Many people have already said the most beautiful things about your talent, so I just can't repeat the same...but I do think each project is stunning! AndI enjoy your new blog;). Corinne

  8. Hi Steph,
    I love the look of your new blog and your work, I will be returning frequently to see what you have been creating and to get lots of inspiration.

    Lyn M

  9. Wow, your new blog looks awesome! I also love your new blog title:)
    Your first post on this blog is already full of the most amazing creations! I remember you told about the masculine lay-out on Facebook. I think it turned out amazing! You do masculine as beautifully as you do feminine for sure!
    Big congrats on the publication too. Your lay-out is gorgeous and it really shines in the magazine.

  10. Oh, what a fun time I've had looking at these gorgeous creations! Congrats on the publication--I most definitely will pickup a copy. Where do I begin with so much eye candy here?!! Love it all. What an adorable booklet for the girls! I love tags, and the set you created is so pretty. And look at that adorable spool and layouts! Oh how I wish you were nearby so I could attend a class!

  11. a beautiful blog you have here and congratulations on the publication!! I love that magazine!! your layouts and work are fantastic and these ones are no exception!! Congrats!! would love for you to visit my blog one day too. I've added myself as a follower!!

  12. Congratulations! This is great news!
    Lovely work! I will be returning frequently to see what you have been creating and to get lots of inspiration. I woulk like you visit my blog to. hugs

  13. Hi Steph, Love the new blog. Congrats on the beautiful publication, it's my favorite magazine.I'm following now. Come visit me anytime too.

  14. Double congratulations - new blog (looks great) and publication in Somerset (a wonderful achievement). Your latest creations are stunning and eye catching as usual. Love your inspiring work.

  15. Hi Steph,
    Your new blog is cute! I love the colours you chose, and the header is great!!!

  16. Congratulations Steph!!! a publication in Somerset is awesome!!;)
    Gorgeous work as always!!!! xoxo

  17. Hi Steph, popping in to say a big cheery hello on your new blog - love your work and congrats on your Somerset pub!!

  18. I saw the LO in the magazine that's awesome!!

  19. LOVELY AND SO CUTE!!! I saw your layouts in Somerset mag? Fantastic Steph!!! Such lovely designs you do.

  20. my friend, Anywhere u go .... I'll follow !! :) THANKS for ALL the amazing inspiration you provide. LOVE LOVE ! HUGS ! xo em

  21. congrats on your new blog, yes just like Emeline, wherever you go, I will follow you...inspiring and never get bored!